Don Ross

Brief Biography

Don is Managing Director, Scotasian Capital and Managing Partner Digital Health, Life Sciences Angels. He also is co-founder and member of HealthTech Capital, former board director and current member of Sand Hill Angels, and a member of Sierra Angels. Don serves on several company boards and is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and startup investing.

Don has worked in healthcare for more than 40 years. In digital health, Don pioneered software for psychological testing and anxiety interventions, health risk appraisal, health behavior change, and blood pressure monitoring. Don co-authored Coping with Tests, a program for students whose anxiety interfered with their performance on tests. Coping with Tests was published by Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP) and studied at Fordham University where it out-performed conventional group therapy. Don subsequently wrote the software for CPP’s major assessment instruments, which included the Myers-Briggs, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the California Personality Inventory, among others. These pioneering efforts launched Don’s career in healthcare.

Don subsequently co-founded a healthcare publishing company, funded it internally, and managed it for 15 years until acquisition. During the past decade, he has held board positions or senior operating roles in several diagnostics and medical device companies. Don also is a co-founder of the HealthTech Conference, a highly-regarded meeting of senior health tech professionals.

Don is a published author, with articles, software, NIH-adopted literature, and two college-level nutrition textbooks (now in 6th editions). He is an honors graduate from UC Berkeley (architecture).

Don’s family has a history of entrepreneurship. His grandfather owned a lumber company in Minnesota. His father was an independent tire dealer in San Jose. Don has extended this entrepreneurial attitude with his own businesses and through investing in and mentoring new startups.

For recreation, Don enjoys downhill skiing at various ski slopes in western USA.

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